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Sports Digital Ecosystem For The World Leader In Golf

Implemented a tech growth roadmap by integrating multiple software solutions into a unified golf ecosystem with high-performance visual rendering and seamless user experience.

Achievements: “Best in Golf” Award annual winner since 2017, 35% of user base growth.

Technologies: Unity | Microsoft Azure | .Net | Angular | C++ | MS SQL

Digital Platform Development for Education Providers

Created an e-learning solution to foster immersive learning experiences with interactive courses, a dynamic content library, virtual classrooms, and VR-simulated environments.

Achievements: collaborates with trusted educational organizations, utilized by New York schools.

Technologies: Unity | React | A-Frame | Firebase

Software Solution Optimization for Loan Management System

Improved a loan management solution by streamlining the backend logic and optimizing the frontend user experience, resulting in enhanced deployment flexibility and functionality.

Achievements: featured on top Australian news TV shows and magazines.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | MySQL

Metaverse Solution to Streamline Educational Processes

Created an eLearning platform for PC, Macs, and Chromebooks that enhances interactive classroom management and study environments with built-in browser boards and 3D Art assets.

Achievements: recognized by US top-notch teachers, SXSW EDU significant participant.

Technologies: Node.js | Unity | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Firebase

Software Architecture Design of Travel Social Network

Constructed a software architecture & backend of the mobile geo-based social network app and improved frontend user experience with gamified features enabling unique travel experiences.

Achievements: top 2 & the Most Popular Startup awards at CCPC 2019.

Technologies: Python | Node.js | Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Mapbox

VR Training Simulator for Manufacturing Professionals

Developed a virtual reality solution using the VisarXperience platform, incorporating a universal assembly engine to simulate the construction of industrial equipment for training purposes.

Achievements: a 40% improvement in employee performance

Technologies: Node.js | Unity | React | Microsoft Azure | Firebase

Optimized Digital Experience & Functionality of Tax Prep Platform

Transformed a traditional tax prep system into a web application with streamlined UX design and functionality - dynamic document visualization, multi-lingual support, & mobile features.

Achievements: 25% less manual work during tax season, integration with popular tax software.

Technologies: Python | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | MySQL

AR-Based Solution for Printing Process Visualization

Developed an AR mobile app using Unity to turn static images into dynamic visuals and AR technology to provide interaction with the envelope design in an immersive 3D space.

Achievements: 87% higher sales after getting mail, 25% higher response rate after mail + email combo.

Technologies: Unity | Google ARCore

Metaverse Development for Enterprise-Level Businesses

Created a high-load web app for remote collaboration with optimized production environment costs and reduced the CI/CD time all while providing an immersive experience using 3D art.

Achievements: Google, Microsoft, and other giants started using it 2 months after its launch.

Technologies: Node.js | Unity | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Firebase

Digital Twin Solution for a Leading NDT Products Provider

Developed digital 3D models of 3-axis scanner parts for a web-based virtual twin using the PlayCanvas WebGL engine, enabling 360-degree rotation and simulation of its main features.

Achievements: up to 40%, an increase in sales with the adoption of a 360-product view

Technologies: PlayCanvas

Business App With AI Chatbot For Gamified Staff Engagement

Created a staff involvement mobile application with an AWS-based backend, Unity-driven front-end, and an integrated chatbot capable of handling extensive 2D content and concurrent user requests.

Achievements: 67% staff engagement increase, 33% productivity improvement.

Technologies: Python | Unity | Javascript | Microsoft Azure

3D-Based Platform Development for Digital Real-Estate

Built a digital ecosystem using PlayCanvas, a WebGL game engine, for a lifelike and captivating 3D environment, and integrated OpenSea API to provide real-time updates on NFT apartments.

Achievements: listed on the A16z’s Top 30 Metaverse Land Sales, trading 1800+ ETH

Technologies: Gatsby | OpenSea | PlayCanvas

Call Blocker Solution for Enhanced Telecommunications Security

Developed an IOS application with a custom backend solution featuring a patented call-blocking algorithm to improve the call screening process and add an additional security level.

Achievements: patent applied for innovative spam call-blocking algorithm.

Technologies: React | Microsoft Azure | .Net | MS SQL

Digital Twin of an AR Water Utility System

A 3D virtual copy of an AR app that helps utility technicians to conduct inspections and make decisions about the wastewater infrastructure state and necessary fixes.

Achievements: 30% higher efficiency of condition inspections and field data collection.

Technologies: Unity

AI-Based Data Analytics Platform to Elevate Sports Gaming Experience

Created a sports AI-powered data analytics system utilizing a real-time backend database to provide instant game data & user interactions, combined with a React-based frontend for a seamless and responsive UX.

Achievements: integration with ESPN, Yahoo & alike platforms

Technologies: Apache Spark | Node.js | React | Microsoft Azure

AR Try-on Solution for Beauty Treatment Centers

Created an augmented reality app based on Unity 3D engine that incorporates head-tracking and facial recognition technology to provide a realistic scalp micro pigmentation via AR face.

Achievements: a 94% higher conversion rate due to AR try-on experiences.

Technologies: Unity | Apple ARKit

Business Process Simulation Platform

A VR-based business process solution entitled to visualize the resource intensity of each company’s process in real-time to select the most data-driven decision.

Achievements: 4x cycle time reduction, 5x lead time & cost decrease.

Technologies: Unity

Online Booking App Development For Careful & Flexible Planning

Developed reservation mobile app incorporating GraphQL API for integration with the backend to provide a booking system with three layers of verification that guarantee a reliable flow of customers.

Achievements: by 25%, hotel businesses reduce their no-show or last-minute cancellation rates.

Technologies: Node.js | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | React Native

eLearning Solution for International Exam Training

Created a cross-platform educational application based on an easy-to-scale AWS architecture that provides a real-time updating panel system and a multi-layered logic of levels & tasks.

Achievements: up to 80%, micro exercises improved student focus & supported long-term retention

Technologies: Node.js | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Firebase | React Native

Music App Development with Dynamic Audio Rendering

Created a music mobile application with real-time tempo & orchestral mix adjustments and visualizations that respond to changes in classical music to get superior sound quality

Achievements: 4.6 ratings on the App Store

Technologies: Swift (iOS) | Node.js | React | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | React Native

eLearning Solution for Local Language Acquisition

Built a language-learning platform that incorporates pixi.js for captivating graphics with culturally authentic artwork, howler.js for robust audio support, & webpack for optimized app performance.

Achievements: contributed to learning the ancient language and preserving its 8+ dialects

Technologies: AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Pixi.js

3D Training Solution For Higher Education

An interactive virtual laboratory allowing students to create simulations of physics experiments with academic programs in numerous American universities.

Achievements: 500+ students use the tool in their learning process yearly.

Technologies: Unity

Learn-to-Read Gamified App for Kids

A science-based adventure app for mastering reading skills among children aged 4-8 via a personalised plan and a thrilling path of training phonics, sight words, spelling side-by-side with game animals.

Achievements: 46% increase of reading skills; compliant with Acara, DfE, and Common Core State standards

Technologies: Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Collaborative Platform For Business

An interactive solution with virtual reality technology that allows companies to organize remote immersive meetings with real collaboration over a VR whiteboard.

Achievements: 26% sales performance boost, 3x teamplay productivity growth.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core | Unity | Microsoft Azure | Photon Server

Real-Time 3D Kitchen Design App

A kitchen planner fueled by augmented reality technology that helps consumers to design the dream cooking area with proper realism and ease-of-use.

Achievements: 70% kitchen renovation costs reduction, 10x faster sales cycle.

Technologies: Unity | Apple ARKit

VR Rehabilitation App For Medical Institutions

A virtual therapy ecosystem for hospitals that helps to reduce wound pain and stress of treatment improving both patient and staff experience.

Achievements: pain reduction by 25% and recovery speeding up by 43%.

Technologies: Unity

AR App for Printing Industry

Аn AR mobile app that brings images to life and makes the magic happen while showing the printing process and uncovering the details of leveraged tools and produced printing solutions.

Achievements: 61% better product demonstration, 23% of higher products sales rates.

Technologies: Unity | Apple ARKit | Google ARCore

Interactive 3D Models For Colleges

An educational tool with a three-dimensional demonstration of the core scientific concepts and processes for students allowing them to feel them in a simplified and engaging form.

Achievements: in-demand solution for educational institutions in 2019, compliant with NGSS.

Technologies: Babylon.js

Interactive AR App For Retail Brands

An AR marketing campaign app giving a game-like appeal via an immersive and interactive brand experience for consumers in a form of additional info after pointing a phone camera at the product.

Achievements: 29% lift in ad recall, 15% increase in purchase consideration.

Technologies: Unity | Vuforia

Virtual Tour App For Real Estate

A VR tour prototype for a real estate agency where a property buyer can take a look at any apartment in the world using an immersive virtual interior walkthrough.

Achievements: 87% more audience interest, 130% increase in a purchase decision, 3.5x shortened pre-sales cycle.

Technologies: Unity

Multiplayer Word Game App

A challenging word game aiming at getting the most points within a limited time while trying to outsmart the opponent - either a friend or a random person - by entering words.

Achievements: 75% faster thinking, 21% better memory performance.

Technologies: Python | Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Multiplayer Puzzle Game

A Match 3 game where users should find the matching drops and crash combinations to get through the epic journey – from Big Bang back to the present day.

Achievements: featured 3 times on Google Play, 500,000+ Installs.

Technologies: Node.js | Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Multiplayer Card Game

An official collectible card game that brings together legendary Power Rangers from all 22 epic seasons with a goal to defeat the Emperor Mavro's fleet and save the Earth.

Achievements: user rating of 8.5 on IMDb, 1,000,000+ Installs.

Technologies: Node.js | Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Photon Server

Cross-Platform Puzzle Game

A fast-paced adventure physics-based puzzle game that takes a player through a journey accompanied by the main characters Wylie and Wynnie with special abilities on a mission to save the Earth.

Achievements: features on App Store, free-to-play action-3 puzzle game armed with “pun”-tastic humor.

Technologies: Unity | Entitas

Hyper Casual Adventure Game

A simple adventurous game with 3D characters that gets players through icy challenges while avoiding rocks, animals, and collecting golden fish with a final thought to become a winner.

Achievements: 34% of reflexes improvement.

Technologies: Unity

Hyper Casual Racing Game

A retro-style racing game where players drive on the neon Miami road, gather bonuses, avoid obstacles, destroy other cars to become a true road knight.

Achievements: 2.5x cognitive skills enhancement.

Technologies: Unity

Cross-Platform Card Game

An ultimate app for Italian traditional card games pack with an elegant design, fluid animations, relaxing background music, and the most advanced score mechanics with real-time visualization.

Achievements: over 1,000,000 worldwide users, 4.7 ratings on the App Store.

Technologies: Unity

Hyper Casual Runner Game

A simple adventurous game with 3D characters that allows players to try on a role of an animal looking for safety from predators and cruel dangers with an ability to swap skin and collect items along the road.

Achievements: 23% of decision-making skills increase.

Technologies: Unity

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