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copy link Golf Simulation Platform For Sports

A software ecosystem being a single place for everything a golf player needs including game improvement, participation in challenges, and communication with sports fellows.

Achievements: “Best in Golf” Award annual winner since 2017, 35% of user base growth.
Platforms: iOS | Android | Web | Desktop

copy link E-Learning Platform For Schools

An educational software ecosystem incorporating interactive courses, a dynamic library of instructional content, and virtual classrooms that engage students into immersive learning via VR technology.

Achievements: collaborates with trusted educational organizations, utilized by New York schools.
Platforms: iOS | Android | Web | PICO VR

copy link Loan Management Platform

A fintech solution utilized for lending or borrowing money between parents, children, friends, and family members conducted in a secure way with a convenient training section.

Achievements: featured on top Australian news TV shows and magazines.
Platforms: Web

copy link Geo-Based Social Network For Gamified Travel

A client-server application that provides a unique exploration experience allowing travellers to discover their own paths and collect places worldwide using geo-location and augmented reality.

Achievements: Top 2 & the Most Popular Startup awards at CCPC 2019.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Collaborative Platform For Business

An interactive solution with virtual reality technology that allows companies to organize remote immersive meetings with real collaboration over a VR whiteboard.

Achievements: 26% sales performance boost, 3x teamplay productivity growth.
Platforms: HTC Vive | Oculus Rift | Windows Mixed Reality

copy link Gamification App For Business

A gamified mobile application for business to increase internal staff engagement and enhance overall productivity through gathering bonuses for extra activities.

Achievements: 67% staff engagement increase, 33% productivity improvement.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link 3D Training Solution For Higher Education

An interactive virtual laboratory allowing students to create simulations of physics experiments with academic programs in numerous American universities.

Achievements: 500+ students use the tool in their learning process yearly.
Platforms: Web | Desktop

copy link Interactive AR App For Envelope Delivery

An AR-powered marketing solution that incorporates interactivity into an envelope design to grab attention, achieve an emotional connection with any customers and boost response rates.

Achievements: 87% higher sales after getting mail, 25% higher response rate after mail + email combo.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Learn-to-Read Gamified App for Kids

A science-based adventure app for mastering reading skills among children aged 4-8 via a personalised plan and a thrilling path of training phonics, sight words, spelling side-by-side with game animals.

Achievements: 46% increase of reading skills; compliant with Acara, DfE, and Common Core State standards
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Real-Time 3D Kitchen Design App

A kitchen planner fueled by augmented reality technology that helps consumers to design the dream cooking area with proper realism and ease-of-use.

Achievements: 70% kitchen renovation costs reduction, 10x faster sales cycle.
Platforms: iOS

copy link VR Rehabilitation App For Medical Institutions

A virtual therapy ecosystem for hospitals that helps to reduce wound pain and stress of treatment improving both patient and staff experience.

Achievements: Pain reduction by 25% and recovery speeding up by 43%.
Platforms: HTC Vive

copy link Interactive AR App For Retail Brands

An AR marketing campaign app giving a game-like appeal via an immersive and interactive brand experience for consumers in a form of additional info after pointing a phone camera at the product.

Achievements: 29% lift in ad recall, 15% increase in purchase consideration.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Interactive 3D Models For Colleges

An educational tool with a three-dimensional demonstration of the core scientific concepts and processes for students allowing them to feel them in a simplified and engaging form.

Achievements: In-demand solution for educational institutions in 2019, compliant with NGSS.
Platforms: Web

copy link Virtual Tour App For Real Estate

A VR tour prototype for a real estate agency where a property buyer can take a look at any apartment in the world using an immersive virtual interior walkthrough.

Achievements: 87% more audience interest, 130% increase in a purchase decision, 3.5x shortened pre-sales cycle.
Platforms: Oculus Rift

copy link Multiplayer Word Game App

A challenging word game aiming at getting the most points within a limited time while trying to outsmart the opponent - either a friend or a random person - by entering words.

Achievements: 75% faster thinking, 21% better memory performance.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link AR Inspection App For Water Utilities

A virtual demonstration of an AR app that helps utility technicians to conduct inspections and make decisions about the wastewater infrastructure state and necessary fixes.

Achievements: 30% higher efficiency of condition inspections and field data collection.
Platforms: Oculus Quest

copy link Multiplayer Puzzle Game

A Match 3 game where users should find the matching drops and crash combinations to get through the epic journey – from Big Bang back to the present day.

Achievements: Featured 3 times on Google Play, 500,000+ Installs.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Multiplayer Card Game

An official collectible card game that brings together legendary Power Rangers from all 22 epic seasons with a goal to defeat the Emperor Mavro's fleet and save the Earth.

Achievements: User rating of 8.5 on IMDb, 1,000,000+ Installs.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Cross-Platform Puzzle Game

A fast-paced adventure physics-based puzzle game that takes a player through a journey accompanied by the main characters Wylie and Wynnie with special abilities on a mission to save the Earth.

Achievements: Features on App Store, free-to-play action-3 puzzle game armed with “pun”-tastic humor.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Hyper Casual Adventure Game

A simple adventurous game with 3D characters that gets players through icy challenges while avoiding rocks, animals, and collecting golden fish with a final thought to become a winner.

Achievements: 34% of reflexes improvement.
Platforms: iOS

copy link Hyper Casual Racing Game

A retro-style racing game where players drive on the neon Miami road, gather bonuses, avoid obstacles, destroy other cars to become a true road knight.

Achievements: 2.5x cognitive skills enhancement.
Platforms: iOS | Android

copy link Hyper Casual Runner Game

A simple adventurous game with 3D characters that allows players to try on a role of an animal looking for safety from predators and cruel dangers with an ability to swap skin and collect items along the road.

Achievements: 23% of decision-making skills increase.
Platforms: iOS

copy link Cross-Platform Card Game

An ultimate app for Italian traditional card games pack with an elegant design, fluid animations, relaxing background music, and the most advanced score mechanics with real-time visualization.

Achievements: over 1,000,000 worldwide users, 4.7 ratings on the App Store.
Platforms: iOS | Android

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