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Geo-Based Social Network For Gamified Travel

Atlas Globe Ltd is a B2C company presented by a location-based social networking app. It aims to gamify the people’s experience in spontaneous traveling by exploring surroundings through a Pokemon-Go-like experience.

Industry: Travel

Location: United Kingdom

Partnership since: 2019

Top 2 & the Most Popular Startup awards at CCPC 2019

2-in-1 Game & a B2C Business App with B2B Potential

The Brief

Facilitating the excitement of spontaneous travel with a gamified app.

Service Core

Accurate execution of the full-cycle app development process.

Tech Specification

Back-end Development

Front-end Development

Visual Content Production

Project Management

Quality Assurance



How to make a geo-based social network MVP in the most efficient way possible.


End-to-end app development of a geo-based social network MVP.


The path to recognition in the reputable competition.

February 2019

Code review of the initial app version, requirements gathering, tech specification, and new prototype development.

April 2019

The app triumphs with winning two respected awards at the CCPC 2019.

May 2019

The app launched on the App Store and Play Market.

July 2019

The second release with new features and an improved UI.

August 2019

Further app support with necessary upgrades.

Visartech is incredible to work with. They understand exactly what is needed in our project brief. They are responsive, flexible and go the extra mile to achieve the tasks. Full of talented developers, making it very easy to work with. I would highly recommend working with them.

Andy Li CTO & Co-founder, ExplorR

The Result

Getting recognition within an app community and in reputable competitions.

ExplorR - Gamified Traveling Today

Competition Awards
Places Collected
Travellers Engaged
Locations Uncovered

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