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Delivering specifically tailored solutions for diverse use cases covering various markets.

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E-Learning & Education

We introduce flexible and cost-effective learning software solutions including learning management systems, web-based training, and student information systems for universities, schools, and corporations.

Retail & eCommerce

We provide software for each e-commerce value chain element as well as connect those into one digital ecosystem for online marketplaces, global retail brands, and businesses.

Fintech & Banking

We create custom financial software for banking, loans, accounting, payments, investment, financial planning, insurance utilized by financial institutions, trading organizations, and other market players.

Proptech & Real Estate

We architect a whole new approach to property management, renting, selling, and buying assets with custom real estate software solutions for property owners, tenants, brokers, and agents.

Travel & Booking

We develop end-to-end travel software including booking platforms, front desk property management, and hospitality solutions for hotels, parks, restaurants, hospitality facilities, and startups.

Healthcare & Wellness

We build healthcare software for medical institutions, therapeutically centers, and laboratories including EHR/EMR systems, patients portals, telemedicine, rehabilitation apps, and pharmacy management solutions.

Sports & Lifestyle

We establish specialized software including game simulation, training program, fantasy sports, performance tracking, and data management systems for fitness clubs, kinesiology centers, and various sports teams.


We develop highly engaging and exceptionally addictive games of various genres for game publishers, in collaboration with game studios, or to exquisitely flourish your business on special demand.

Social Networking & Entertainment

We deliver pixel-perfect social networking software for web conferencing, media streaming, event management, trade show organization, social media, and data analysis to any business.

Industry X.0

Transform your sphere with innovative technologies, like AI, IoT, analytics, 3D visualization, etc. to unlock smart, connected products and cooperation.

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