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Metaverse for Remote Collaboration

How Visartech helped to create an enterprise metaverse for bringing remote teams together to collaborate in an immersive virtual 3D world that makes onboarding and team-building experiences fun and simple.

Metaverse for remote collaboration is a Silicon Valley startup funded by an investment company that allows enterprise employees to immerse into corporate culture, team-building activities, and become a real part of the firm thanks to engaging 3D practices.

Industry:Social Networks


Partnership since: March 2021 - Present

Google, Microsoft, and other giants started using it 2 months after launch.

200+ users in an app simultaneously.

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The Brief

A whole new metaverse for remote collaboration between distributed team members.

Metaverse Examples - Visartech Portfolio

In the new era of remote collaboration, the existence of a software solution that simplifies connections and engages staff is a must-have. Besides, the pace of innovations these days makes the here-and-now concept a real competitive edge.

You should act fast, develop and deploy right away. That was the pattern our software development team adopted while making a metaverse solution for our client thanks to the trunk-based development approach.

The client’s goal was to develop a virtual location for collaboration between remote co-workers. The newly designed solution was meant to run directly in a web browser making it accessible from any device at any time.

Service Core

Real-time metaverse project delivery withstanding high loads.

Business Analysis

IT Infrastructure Development

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance


How to make a high-load web application stable and shift to a new paradigm of remote collaboration.

The Visartech team had the challenge of developing a new metaverse solution from scratch. When we initially started the metaverse project development, we didn’t even know if it would be possible to implement all the requirements previously set. But the iterative development helped us to get the first version of the software solution.

Initially, the metaverse was not overloaded with multiplayer. The avatar moved along the flat surface. The whole software solution was created with simplicity in mind just to be able to test its viability.

At first, the deployment was manual and conducted once a week.

Along the way, we’ve had several challenges that required us to:

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  • create a full-fledged Unity-based universe for many players in real-time;
  • develop a React-based web application smoothly connected with the Unity engine;
  • switch to Firebase and DynamoDB for data management;
  • implement the public and private chat along with a voice feature for distributed users;
  • make a system for synchronous reconnection between Unity and React code parts in case of failures for users;
  • switch from selecting the optimal simple web transport (a low-level API), making WebSocket secure, and using certificates to an automated solution.


A way toward a fully-grade metaverse solution with continuous delivery in real-time.

Our app development team has managed to develop all the solutions that were planned:

Metaverse Avatar - Visartech Blog
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions

We have put much effort into creating fault tolerance through a failover strategy. That’s when there are two simultaneous servers and only one is actively working. Replacing from a static EC2 machine to AWS Beanstalk (ELB + ASG + Automatic Deployments) and using a load balancer have allowed the servers to swap between each other once an interruption appears.

In case of a server interruption, the health check gets activated and the server switches website traffic to the second server within 15 seconds. They are located in different data centers/availability zones in AWS which makes it impossible for both of them to fail at the same time.

According to Newzoo Trend Report
of US users prefer social get-together in game world occasionally. Obviously, the game-world hangouts are far less popular compared to traditional social media, however, they are getting used with an increasing frequence.
According to Newzoo Trend Report

The Result

A fully-scaled metaverse solution with a custom development approach.

However challenging the implementation of the client’s goal was, our software development team successfully managed to achieve it after thorough research, brainstorming, and iterative development. Once the concept has proven its viability, we have optimized all sides of app development. Thus, the custom approach in 3D art production has resulted in pixelization-free graphics and an increase in graphics performance by 100%.

A solid infrastructure is of significant importance to any metaverse solution that is fully loaded with 3D objects, visual parts, avatar movements, and lots of users leveraging a platform simultaneously.

Metaverse - Visartech Blog

The continuous improvements in infrastructure have shortened the delivery process from 4 hours to 1,5 hours for the initial deployment and 25 minutes for each concurrent deployment. Now we can make around 10 builds per day with new functionality delivered in real-time. Besides that, the failover strategy has resulted in stable work of the solution under heavy loads.

Metaverse for Remote Collaboration Today

2 months
after launch started using by Google, Microsoft
200 users
in an app simultaneously
25 minutes
for a single app update

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