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Loan Management System

PayMyParents is a P2P lending and borrowing platform built out of a desire to financially educate children and regulate the money lending process between family members, friends, and particularly anyone.

Industry: Fintech

Location: Australia

Partnership since: 4 months

Featured on top Australian news TV shows and magazines

$2.3 million-worth loans processed within a year

The Brief

Loantech software as a solution to personal pains in finance that saves family relationships.

Service Core

Precise execution of the lending platform development process.

Business Analysis

Infrastructure Update

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance


How to shift a fintech software product to a new business model without interruptions.


Smooth transition to a high-grade loantech software product with great user experience.

The Result

PayMyParents becomes a full-fledged P2P lending platform.

Sometimes we do not notice certain things, however, they deserve special attention. The main idea of the project shows how financial operations between people can become absolutely transparent and organized. It would be great if everyone could have such a responsible attitude to loans and financial relations within the family. Since I love planning myself, I enjoyed checking schedules out on this project, and not only looking for potential flaws, but also suggesting options for improvements.

Iryna Markova QA Lead

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On Top Australian media
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Loans processed within 1 year
Years of loantech experience

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