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Cloud Computing Core

Seize the cloud migration opportunities that guarantee the flexibility of your business allowing it to access the resources from anywhere.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Get an ocean of new opportunities for your particular business objectives.

Increased Productivity

Heighten business proceedings with instant access to crucial information from any location or device for both staff and customers.

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs for managing and maintaining IT systems by eliminating waste and right-sizing the computing infrastructure.

Faster Time-to-Market

Speed up your product's launch with accurate planning and effective implementation of cloud-native solutions.

Scalable Flexibility

Improve customer loyalty with workplace agility leading to greater business responsiveness towards consumer requests.

Improved Security

Ensure full safety with the best practices in data protection and threat intelligence that converts into customer trust.

Cloud Computing Services

Utilize the full spectrum of deep cloud computing expertise of a cloud-native app development company to drive maximum business value.

SaaS Product Engineering

Developing ERP, CMS, CRM and HRM systems with a simplified distribution to consumers over the Internet.

Application Transformation

Moving your application to the cloud by splitting it into microservices and building a cloud architecture for the app scalability.

Server Design & Microservices

Connecting independent services with each other via an API that handles a product within a unified infrastructure.

Cloud Integration Services

Linking your application with external systems to access data and share features across multiple clouds and various devices.

Cloud Migration Services

Transferring existing software to the cloud to establish a flexibility and scalability while accessing your historical data records.

Data Engineering Services

Utilizing the well-thought software development services to harness the power of all data and make smart business decisions.

Cloud-Based Portfolio

See the cloud development services in action while browsing through the finished products.

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Web Restaurant Menu AR

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Technology Map

Our cloud tech stack at your disposal to ensure flexibility of enterprise-wide software solutions.


Microsoft SQL Server MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB Redis Azure Cosmos DB Azure Table Storage Amazon DynamoDB

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Docker Kubernetes Firebase

Web Backend

Django/Python ASP.NET Core NodeJs Java

Web Frontend

HTML/CSS Javascript & jQuery TypeScript Angular React Vue

The Main Questions

Learn more about the major terms, workflow, and peculiarities you might have concerning our software development services.

What is cloud computing and how does it work?

The cloud refers to software infrastructure stored on remote servers that can be accessed through the internet. Cloud computing consists of the backend that securely stores the data and the frontend that helps users to access the data over an internet browser. It includes servers, databases, and computers. Cloud migration is one of the core aspects of cost-effective digital product development.

Is the cloud safe?

Most likely, the data stored on the cloud is more secure compared to the one you have on your computer. Cloud service providers usually implement the highest possible security measures including encryption, consistent security updates, AI-powered security analysis, built-in firewalls, redundancy, and third-party security testing.

What is a SaaS product?

Software-as-a-Service is a software distribution model where cloud service providers deliver applications developed by software vendors over the internet to all users as a service. No need to install the software or set up hardware to access the required functionality.

Why is SaaS important?

There is a number of benefits that building SaaS solutions bring to businesses:

  • No special equipment required for the SaaS functioning.
  • The app deployment process is quick compared to on-premise solutions.
  • The data is securely stored in a safe place.
  • This model is reliable as servers are located around the world so if one stops working the rest will continue operating.
  • The SaaS solution is always accessible for any customer with an internet connection.
  • Regular and easily implemented functionality updates for customers.
  • Lower development costs since there is no need to maintain hardware.
  • Potentially bigger customer audience due to lower costs and accessibility.

How to build a SaaS product?

The SaaS product development includes the following stages:

  • Make market analysis to distinguish potential customers, their pain points or needs, competitors and their SWOT analysis, unique features for your product, and the suitable business model. 
  • Write a detailed plan for the SaaS product development with a step-by-step roadmap.
  • Create a basic and advanced list of the SaaS product requirements.
  • Choose the most appropriate technology stack for your business model including the frontend, backend, database, and SaaS hosting provider.
  • Find and hire a reliable software development agency that usually should consist of business analysts, designers, software developers, QA engineers, and a project manager.
  • Define the most suitable monetization model for your SaaS solution: freemium, pricing per usage, features or active users, time-limited subscriptions, etc.
  • Build an MVP to collect the first customer feedback, test assumptions, and improve the functionality upon analysis.

How much does it cost to build a SaaS platform?

The more complex your SaaS product is, the more it will cost. Not to mention other crucial app development cost factors such as the developers’ hourly rate, app technology stack, monetization strategies, app design decisions, and many other things. The SaaS application cost may vary from $15,000 to $500,000.

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