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Best Profitable Tech Startup Ideas With AR, VR, 3D, AI & More

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Yulia Zorkina

Content Marketer with 6+ years of experience. Wizard of words carrying out the mission to translate innovative technologies into outstanding business value. Enthusiastic in exploring tech industry trends that contribute to developing software solutions.

Yulia Zorkina

Content Marketer with 6+ years of experience. Wizard of words carrying out the mission to translate innovative technologies into outstanding business value. Enthusiastic in exploring tech industry trends that contribute to developing software solutions.

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People are obsessed with the idea to develop their own businesses. They search for different ways to provide value, invest their talents, and make huge profits. There are tons of tech startup

ideas all over the internet but the tendency goes to remote collaboration, processes automation, constant improvement of business operations, and the way consumers feel about products and services.

The customer-first approach goes hand in hand with the newly emerged employee-first vision. Not only customers should be satisfied while interacting with your brand but your employees as well. Interactive solutions go on the front lines of every business. Gamification of the user experience and employee training process gets essential. Total digitalization captures all industries and the leading positions are defined by the speed of innovation solutions development.

“It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.”

Eric Pearson, CIO, International Hotel Group

So let’s not stay behind, but move faster than your competitors with the top business app ideas that may re-imagine your business opportunities and create a revolution in your market!

Top Try On App Ideas

Try On Apps - Visartech Blog

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Distance is no longer an excuse. Even with the remote interaction trend, 49% of online shoppers claim that they still want to touch products, feel their energy, and see how goods look on them. With emerging technologies like augmented reality, this task can be completed effectively.

Let’s take a look at what businesses from various industries can implement today!

Interior Designer App

Consumers always worry whether some interior decoration item will not only fit their homes but will look the best for them. Augmented reality helps to place a 3D object inside the room using the device’s camera to see how furniture will suit the interior. Such an application may have additional features like comparing the prices from different vendors, ordering the chosen object right from the app, etc.

As an example, we’ve managed to create an AR kitchen builder to make the cooking area redesign process easy and efficient.

Landscaping App

Just like the interior designer example, AR can help to create architectural decisions on any part of the land. Besides placing the construction objects to see what it will all look like, the application may also measure any length or calculate the cost of property building.

Painting App

AR gives an opportunity to screen 2D images from books or any other sources, make them a 3D object and place them on the walls of any particular things to see how the painting will look like. This way consumers will be able to decide whether they need such a solution for their room or furniture decoration or not. The same with colors. People can experiment with various textures and pallets.

Virtual Clothes Shopping App

Customers can see how certain clothes fit them specifically and check the way different styles suit them. It is possible to experiment with textures and colors. This way people can try on clothes much faster even compared to the actual situation in the dressing room that sometimes requires waiting in the queue.

Interactive app black banner - Visartech Blog

Jewelry Try-On App

An AR jewelry app can showcase how a particular ring, earring, necklace, or any other piece of jewelry will look like on the customer. This way people can try-on jewels at a distance from the shop just using their mobile phones. It greatly decreases the return rates and upgrades customer satisfaction. Any styles, shapes, and ornaments can be checked within minutes. Any jewelry shop that has this kind of app will get a wider audience and bigger competitive advantages.

AR Floor Planner App

Real estate agents and architects can easily measure and draw the floor plans to get a clear perspective of how much the property renovation will cost. Besides that, tenants or potential buyers will be able to see what the property will look like which increases their user experience and leads to a faster decision-making process.

Glasses Try-On App

Optical stores can offer a much more convenient way to choose the best fitting glasses for their customers. The application can show the whole catalog of available frames or even propose to design unique ones. It all greatly adds to the sales efforts with fun elements and remote collaboration.

Virtual Tattoo App

The tattoo salons can offer an opportunity to check a selection of designs and how each will look on the body before being permanently inked to their customers. Additionally, app users will be able to add their own design sketches and show the result to tattoo masters that can replicate the picture on the body. This leads to personalized services so desired these days.

Luxury Watches App

The luxury watches industry is very competitive so every innovative solution will bring up the sales efforts to the top. AR Watch app can help potential buyers to see how any watch will look on the wrist and choose between the best models, brands, and colors without hassle. It will greatly decrease order returning rates and provide a better customer experience.

AR User Manual App

Reading user manuals is often a pain for customers. They search for ways to skip this part and start acting instantly though it is usually not a good idea. So delivering an immersive 3D experience while going through a user manual will greatly elevate your credibility. An AR user manual application will showcase the ways to use a product or service with a detailed guide. It will make the customer’s learning journey very satisfactory and productive.

Top Data Analytics App Ideas

Data Analytics Apps - Visartech Blog

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There is tons of information all around us. Probably that is the main reason why we still struggle to get the major insights from the surrounding environment. Surfing the internet to get only crucial points consumes our time. Wouldn’t it be much easier to get help from specifically designed applications?

Let’s see how technologies can get only important data for us!

AR Sports App

AR Sports App - Visartech Blog

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Imagine while watching a sports event in a stadium, you get your phone and by simply enabling the AR app you can see the whole data about each player. It doesn’t matter whether you hear commentators or they give some not relevant information, just targeting the phone camera on each player will give you explicit information about his or her state and lots of related data.

Retail AR App

Now customers can simply go along the store and see each product’s characteristics through their phone screens, with no need to collaborate with the consultant, no unrecognizable price tags. For retailers, it is a great opportunity for employees’ productivity, marketing, and consumer engagement.

Patient Care App

Augmented reality enhances the process of making a diagnosis and overall treatment by providing comprehensive information to medical staff about the patient lab results and other crucial data. All is needed is to target a smartphone or a tablet on a patient.

Travel Guide App

Travelers usually face the issue of finding information about places of interest in different countries which makes it difficult to locate the attractions and get the information in one place. With an AR travel solution, by simply navigating the street through the phone screen people can see what’s in front of them and whether it may be indeed interesting for them to check it.

AR Restaurant Menu App

Very often people get confused about how some meals will look like or be served in a certain restaurant. They get a problem of what to choose in such a case. Having an AR menu app they can simply navigate on some meal name and see the real-sized dish with every little detail. This helps them to see exactly what the meal will look like and choose the dish much faster.

Profile Explorer App

Tech giants like Facebook already experiment with faces recognition to make use of their social media. Augmented reality is able to scan a particular person or an object and an application can give the user complete information about it from a certain database or the whole internet. This is a great startup idea for 2023.

Complaint Registering App

It is usually hard to address the concern to the responsible party about the quality of provided services. Sometimes registering a complaint takes too much time, effort, and tons of paperwork. This kind of app can be useful for various industries including the government, restaurants, big commercial companies, and more. There is so much to be improved around us like basic infrastructure, repair works, clean environment, the quality of services, etc. This kind of app will provide business owners with real feedback from customers and give them a chance to make improvements along the way.

AI-Based Image Analysis App

This type of application is able to provide the utmost customer satisfaction by giving them explicit information about products or brands by simply navigating the mobile phone camera on the logo or price tag. Retailers can use it for their benefit by adding special features, reviews, and additional information about the product. Such a solution will get high praise from buyers.

AR Magazine App

People have too little spare time to read so usually they tend to choose videos over text news to get much information about the situation around them. By navigating the phone’s camera to a picture on the newspaper users can instantly get a respective video. This is a promising startup idea that can receive a high response from society in this ever-accelerating world.

Virtual Product Showcase App

Every industry is seeking ways to spread knowledge about their product. By showcasing the products virtually businesses can save time and money for both them and their customers by reducing the number of in-person meetings. People get a complete tour of all the features and benefits they can gain after the purchase of a particular product. The app can show the product in different colors, styles, designs, and even shapes. This kind of app is a great way to elevate the shopping experience.

Top Communication App Ideas

Communication Apps - Visartech Blog

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Having a bunch of various applications devoted to social media interactions or special communication channels, people continue striving to get the best user experience and niche-specific messaging apps.

One of the major concerns that go around such applications is their security and total privacy.

Teleconference App

Remote collaboration goes viral. People no longer want to simply chat over video conferencing apps but wish to actually feel being present at some event. Augmented reality helps any person be present at a meeting held at any other place in the world no matter how far it is. Other participants can see them in real size and feel as if the person is right next to them in the meeting room. It creates an engaging experience and makes such meetings more productive.

Social Networking App For Single Parents

This is a great startup idea for 2023. Imagine how much time have these people devoted to their kids during the quarantine. Though it is crucial at all times as parents usually get too concentrated on the needs of their children and forget about their own needs. Such apps can not only socialize singles but help them connect with parents having similar interests, like kids in the same age group, and resolve the current issues. Parents will be able to share thoughts, advice, concerns, desires, etc.

School Notices App

Parents can get instant notifications about major events in the lives of their children. Schools can enlist all the updates about children’s grades, activities, holidays, reports, attendance, homework, and events. The communication may be conducted through emails or messengers. Parents may even be able to pay for the educational institution services. Exchanging media files can additionally give a benefit for parents and teachers aiming at better students’ performance and social activity.

Voice Translation App

Did you know how the Uber app idea was founded? It all started with a situation at a foreign airport where its founders were stuck and didn’t know the country’s language so it was a real pain for them to order a cab. This is not the only situation that may appear abroad. To freely speak with natives and resolve their current concerns people seek different ways to communicate without barriers. The opportunity to translate the voice would be beneficial for both travelers and natives working in the service industry. Artificial intelligence can bring that benefit to users.

Social Renting App

Intersecting different industries is a beneficial trend for those who wish to start their own business or launch a new product in 2023. Being much like Facebook, this app can help its users to connect with friends and sell, buy or give goods for rent online, just like the opposite. Additionally, friends can recommend certain goods or services based on their experience and use these suggestions for further purchases.

Niche Dating App

Online dating sometimes becomes almost the only solution for busy people with serious intentions. There is a great demand for special dating options where users can choose a couple by various filters including professional and hobby directions. The more personalized experience you can offer, the bigger popularity of such an app will gain.

Chatbot App

There is a growing tendency among businesses that create a chatbot to be in the front line of communication with clients. This solution can address simple inquiries from customers due to integrated artificial intelligence technology. Chatbots release the load of customer service agents and provide instant answers to customers without delays which greatly enhances communication between businesses and clients.

Event App

People search for ways to improve their networking so an application that provides comprehensive information about upcoming events is in real demand. Here With such an app users can find the most exciting events in the area and attend them according to the specified terms.

Matchmaking App

It’s about defining the best match according to various physiological types and other professional approaches that decide which personalities get along well. People can insert their data and get a selection of the best couples for them. It will be a perfect app for single people.

Social Network for Children

Children wish to socialize as hard as adults. Though existing social media restrict such an opportunity. So creating a safe place for a comfortable connection between children will be beneficial both for kids and their parents.

Chatting App

Chat and messaging apps are very popular due to their convenience and instant opportunity to message or call your networking circle. So be it an application for all or only for some defined circle of people, everyone may benefit from using it by searching for important information, exchanging files, earning money, and communicating with anyone worldwide.

Messaging App with 3D Avatar

There is a tendency to create and explore virtual worlds. So an idea to create a messaging app with an avatar that allows living a virtual life is pretty innovative. The more exciting features will be available for users like personalized avatar creation, its customization, realistic ways of interaction with other users, etc., the more engaged your customers will be.

Campus Buddy App

Such an app can help educational institutions to monitor students’ performance, attendance, activities, make assignments, send important notifications and documents, etc. On the other side, students will be able to know fresh new information about the schedule, homework, grades, and events. This is a great startup idea that is in great demand by universities and other educational institutions.

Emotion Tracking App

People always struggle to recognize other people’s reactions and emotions. Sometimes only professionals can define the emotional state of a person which is pretty important in certain situations. Now you don’t have to be a phycologist to make correct decisions based on other people’s behavior. Artificial intelligence-based solutions can help track the users’ emotions and define their state. An AI-enabled solution tracks and interprets the emotions via body language, voice, gestures mimics, etc.

Selfie Sharing App

People like sharing photos and selfies is another trending direction that booms these days. A selfie app can not only help to share images, but find friends, chat with them, and give access rights to each group of users.

Top Business App Ideas

Office Tool Apps - Visartech Blog

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Everyone sometimes feels the absence of some useful tools that can improve certain aspects of our everyday routine or professional proceedings. In such cases, people usually tend to use less convenient solutions that may take extra time or money. So any business that aims to simplify their potential consumers’ lives will gain praise and recognition from its audience.

Let’s see what you can do for your customers!

Image Scanner App

Rather than going to a shop to scan the documents and compile pdf files out of it, with this app users will be able to do it themselves. Besides, the first scenario involves third parties who shouldn’t acquire confidential or personal information. All can be easily performed within a mobile scanning app that can instantly convert images into a file with the necessary extension like pdf or jpeg, etc. This way all your important data can be securely converted into the desired format with high quality and keep your records safe.

Call Recording App

There are many victims today suffering from harassment, prank calls, and phishing. They can download this app and if there is a spam call harassing the user, they can use the app to record the call so that it can be shown as evidence later.

Video-Editing App

People use social media every day and not even once. They share selfies, images, and videos that capture their personal life. Even companies share videos to market their products or services. So it is crucial to edit videos and make them look gorgeous and attention-grabbing for the audience. So if you decide to create a video editing app, you won’t regret it as there is a huge demand for it.

Note-It App

We have loads of information written on papers for further reference: our own notes, certain quotes, interesting excerpts from some book or a magazine. Wouldn’t it be convenient to use an app and save the info with the note-it app that will read the content and store it for the future?

Internet Speed Checker App

Having a strong internet signal is often crucial for business operations or individual needs. The existing apps may not be as user-friendly or convenient as anyone can design. So to develop a connection checker app is a good idea especially if it displays all the necessary data like internet speed, the amount of user data, etc. This way a user can monitor the network connection at any specified time.

Video Uploading System

Video sharing is a popular trend these days. A system that helps to upload media became really important for a big amount of people. If a user will see a good-looking gallery nicely organized for maintaining media including transferring pictures, audio, and video easily, these ideas will make outstanding profits.

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Image Sharing App

Likewise, by sharing selfies or videos, professional photographers will enjoy an application that will give them an extended set of high-quality solutions for their demanding needs. The more simple and easy to use it will be, the more gratitude it will gain from consumers.

Virtual Assistant App

Nowadays everyone is busy no matter the occupation – be it a housewife or an owner of a large enterprise. We all require some assistance with our everyday routine, and tasks, and wish to get certain solutions or answers right away. Everyone dreams about an assistant that will help to conquer everyday challenges immediately. An AI-powered virtual assistant is a great solution that eventually will be available for anyone. It can help a user to fulfill almost any inquiry. So businesses that will invest in virtual assistant app development will surely gain huge profits over time.

AI-Enabled Data Extraction App

Artificial intelligence reaches deep enough into all business processes and will eventually change our everyday lives for good. Businesses can gather data and analyze customers’ behavior. NLP and machine learning can extract data fast and the pre-defined algorithms can segment it based on the required parameters. If you’ll decide to create an AI data extraction application, you will save much time and money on performing all these operations.

Live Training App

A training video application will be able to re-imagine the way corporate training is performed. It will not only enhance the learning productivity but will allow app owners to monitor the overall staff performance. fro m the other side, students will be able to repeat certain courses right from the cloud at any convenient time.

GIF Maker App

Not only do videos or images grab people’s attention, but various gifs or memes are greatly popular. Everyone would appreciate the ability to create Gifs easily at any particular moment when some funny idea came up in their head. A set of options can be designed to help users manage the Gifs development process easily. Users will surely appreciate the options to upload videos from various platforms of a device. As well as social sharing options will be of use here.

Terms Scanner App

Every software people engage with every day requires them to read and sign the Terms and Conditions agreement. Though not everyone knows what hides behind this spreadsheet of text. Many users simply sign it without reading but some terms may have suspicious points that should warn the user and it is better not to sign such documents. Besides, not all people understand juridical texts so a useful helper in a form of an application that will read the terms accurately and alert about unfair conditions is of serious urgency. This app may protect people from fraud and stealing their personal information.

Top Routine Planning App Ideas

Planning Apps - Visartech Blog

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There are tons of things we have to take into consideration each day, like planning our meals or managing our fridge or purchases. Top brands take care of their customers by providing them with convenient applications that automate certain processes and take care of non-important routine operations. Consumers like to be treated well so their appreciation reflects in extended loyalty to such companies and extreme devotion to their products.

Check out the ideas you can implement in your business or get inspiration to build something new to please your audience!

Food Planner App

Tasty food may not be healthy, on the other side – healthy food is not so yummy. The application will take care of human health by recommending healthy meals. Users get the menu with tasty and useful recipes from professional chefs. Depending on the health situation, there are suggestions for food consumer behavior and a specific range of recipes scheduled for each weekday. Correspondingly, patients and doctors can track food consumption, calories amount, vitamin level, etc. Additionally, users may order and pay for groceries from local shops including delivery right from the app.

Travel Planner App

Planning a trip can be a pain. The accurate assistant that is able to plan the dream adventure will be the best friend for any traveler. All a person needs is to define the budget, preferable scenery, weather conditions, dates, favorable activities, or any other specifics. After a while, the most appealing trip is ready to be followed.

Railway Tracking App

Citizens of huge cities are usually dependent on the schedule of trains that should get them to the desired destination. Sometimes trains are late or the route gets canceled. A railway tracking app can inform on the exact location of the vehicle, get the latest news about each destination, show the exact schedule, and even sell tickets. This way a user can clearly plan the route and use alternative ways if necessary.

Restaurant Table Reservation App

Sometimes people need a quiet and cozy place for a private chat or a central table for a big announcement. A restaurant or cafe can offer a graphical scheme of all available tables and app users can easily reserve the desired place for a special event.

Task-Scheduling and Motivation App

People usually get easily distracted from the necessary things and forget about important duties. The scheduling app can plan the usual routine line cleaning the house, reading, meeting a friend, or doing laundry. It may not only remind about the things in the to-do list but motivate users to complete the task in a gamified way. Thereby, users can feel like heroes.

Water-Reminder App

Drinking water is usually underestimated. They say an adult should consume around 2 liters of water per day. Though it depends on body weight and some other points in health. Now more and more people realize its importance and try to accustom themselves to a drinking water habit. With a water drinking app, a person can be sure to stay more healthy.

AI Travel Assistant App

In this era of too much information around, people like to get personalized service as it simply saves their time for search and filtering of all the available offers. Travelling is among the most widespread habits so creating a travel assistant that may be integrated into any chat app or presented in a separate application will be beneficial. An app can distinguish text and voice messages. Once recognized, the app can offer personalized recommendations on the most suitable flights, hotels, places of interest, and restaurants.

Goals Management App

Compared to a usual to-do app, a goal management app tracks the way a user makes certain steps towards reaching the desirable dream. Those can be goals for a month, a year, or whole life. People stay motivated, understand how much more effort they need to put and are sure to get to the endpoint they wish to reach. This may be a very profitable startup idea as people are obsessed with self-development these days.

Belonging Reminder App

Remember how much you get stressed when some keys are missing or a wallet is not where you usually put it. This mobile app idea can help people find their belongings: wallet, keys, glasses, and anything they need. The app can screen the photos with an item’s location and remind the user of its potential position via alerts.

Agriculture App for Farmer

Farmers often strive to connect with retailers and consumers. Beyond that, there is too much manual work performed at the farm. So an agricultural app can help retain major information about animals or crops. The implication of AI, machine learning, and IoT technologies can enhance productivity and reduce expenditures in time and money. The app can monitor the whole range of farm operations, sell products, and improve overall farming profitability.

Top Shopping App Ideas

Shopping apps - Visartech Blog

Image Source

Shopping is what everyone does. There are lots of product offers around in local shops and online stores. The goal of a consumer is to find the best suggestions fast, try it on, and buy the most suitable goods in the most convenient way.

Having a huge competition, shop owners should do everything to stand out from the crowd and reach the bigger audience possible. One of the most actionable ways is to create a shopping app that will provide a unique shopping experience and make customers stay with the brand for a long.

Get inspired by the most in-demand business ideas for shopping apps!

Food Recommendation App

There is not enough information about the quality of services provided in restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc. A food review app can manage the task. People who like exploring different restaurants can leave and check reviews which helps to plan the next visit or walk away from bad service. Restaurants in turn will understand the audience’s attitude and will be motivated to improve their services.

AI-Based Checkout App

Waiting in a queue is not suitable at all. A shop checkout app with artificial intelligence can allow customers to walk into a store, grab the items, and leave the shop without the need to go through a cashier. All payment actions may be performed within an app fast and easily. It is a pretty unique startup idea that can level up the retail business.

Leftover Cooking App

What if you want to eat but the grocery store is quite away from your home? In these cases, people try to figure out the meal out of what is in their fridge. Such an application may take into account the remaining food, groceries, spices in the fridge or in the pantry and suggest delicious recipes out of a composition.

Groceries App

Grocery ordering apps are already there but the missing part is the ability to search for discounted items and compare the prices of the nearby grocery stores. To fill the gap it is better to create a grocery comparison application that will look for the best prices and help to order the most suitable offer. Such a business idea will be very popular among consumers who are looking to get the best deals.

Mall Navigation Map

It is often hard to navigate huge shopping malls. Consumers get distracted by the surrounding attractions, get lost among numerous pathways, and sometimes can not find what they are really looking for. With a digital mall navigation map, customers will always find the fastest way to the targeting store and save their time. Besides a map, the digital solution may show the status of mall parking spots, restaurant load, or possible crowds in certain areas of the mall.

Toy-Exchanging App

Kids quickly tire of their toys and constantly want to play with the new ones. A toy-exchanging app is what all parents wish for as it costs a fortune to buy new toys. This application is among the most innovative startup ideas that will be appreciated by all caring parents. Once a toy is no longer of interest to a child, parents can easily put it in the app and exchange it within a community for another one.

Kids Clothes-Exchanging App

It often happens that some kids’ clothes stay brand new as children simply grow too fast. Constantly buying new things may be very expensive. It is way more practical to exchange children’s clothes within an application once it gets too small.

Coupon App

People are always looking for ways to save money on purchases. Instead of searching for specific discounts, a special application can search for all discounts available online and apply them automatically at the moment a customer pays for goods or services and automatically apply the discount available online.

Referral App

Instead of annoying ads, a referral solution can showcase links to other apps with the corresponding content that may be very interesting for the user. This way both brands and consumers can connect more efficiently.

Scan-to-Shop App

It happens that you see some items belonging to other people and wish to own a similar one. But to find it you need to do real research among shops which takes too much time and doesn’t guarantee the needed result. A scanner app can screen the item and find the desired one in an online store or offer the closest substitute. What adds convenience is the ability to instantly buy the item.

Gift Suggestion App

Selecting a gift for a friend, a colleague or some special person is a real pain sometimes. Each one strikes this problem numerous times a year. Imagine how popular this business idea can be! People like when someone solves problems for them. A gift suggestion app can scan the history of a personal social page and allocate the best possible gift ideas based on the content they post.

Online Fashion Boutique

An online fashion store is a perfect solution for those who follow fashion trends or simply want to make profits in 2023. No need to create your own fashion line, simply manage items from several vendors and build your own brand. The range of products counts from dresses to accessories, and beyond.

Loyalty Reward App

Top brands create loyalty programs for their clients to show appreciation and glue them to the company’s services. It is equally efficient for restaurants, stores, and any other type of business.

Live Commerce App

A new concept of commerce apps connecting stores with customers at a distance. A live commerce app requires two roles – one for a customer, and another for a seller. With a video streaming commerce app, consumers can shop live from any place in the world via real-time interaction with the store salesman. This is a really innovative startup idea to launch in 2023.

Brand Identifier App

No more fakes! Those who follow trends are in need of a reliable assistant represented by an application that can identify brands of various products, vehicles, and others. Users will need to simply click the photo and the app will recognize the brand and display major information like reviews or feedback that brand users have submitted.

Local Deals App

People strive to save extra money on a day-to-day basis. To develop an application for searching for the best local discounts means a large audience of users. Especially if you will design an app that will present to users a hassle-free way to get the best deals for groceries, electronics, furniture, and other things people need in their everyday lives. This is a great startup mobile app idea to build in 2023.

Top Financial App Ideas

Financial Apps - Visartech Blog

Image Source

Even the banking sphere gets through total digitalization. Banks try to engage with their customers through gamification which evokes more payments made under certain categories. In general personal finances is an important part of everyone’s lives. So those who develop applications for serving financial goals will make profits for sure.

Let’s see what tech startup ideas you can develop to help your customers manage their finances!

Rewards Credit Card App

There are people obsessed with getting rewards by spending money. This kind of app is aimed at connecting people willing to spend on rewards and those who simply need to make purchases. This interaction becomes beneficial for both parties.

UPI Payment App

Those who build payment apps with UPI which is a Unified Payments Interface will bring a popular solution to the market. It allows sending and getting funds in real-time. Users can link several bank accounts within a single app and easily exchange banking data.

Tip Calculator App

This app can help to split the bill between friends or colleagues who are dining together. The exact percentage of the tipping amount can be easily allocated from the total bill which guarantees good service from the facility in the future.

Subscription Alert App

There are numerous subscription-based services these days. So it is hard to monitor all the deadlines. A subscription app can manage all the subscriptions and alert when a user should pay or simply cancel a subscription.

Due Reminder App

Not only subscriptions but the banking transactions should be also monitored. A due reminder app alerts about the upcoming payments and can handle them smoothly.

Loaned Money Tracking App

People often spend time in group activities. It is hard to track who owes them money for different activities. With this app, it is easy to track the spent funds and pay a total sum in the end.

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Top Wellness App Ideas

Wellness Apps - Visartech Blog

Image Source

The trend for wellness activities and a healthy lifestyle is getting more and more popular. People require assistance in monitoring their health state, attending doctors, cooking healthy meals, and developing healthy habits. Convenient helpers are in great demand. So a proper app development that may cover the specific needs of a user is really important in 2023.

Let’s review the most brilliant business ideas for wellness!

Exercising App

Doing exercises will always be popular, especially with the ever-increasing tendency towards a healthy lifestyle. If you have some ideas on a course of diverse exercises, you may create an exercise app that people can use at any moment – at home, on a trip, on a vacation and there would be no need to visit a gym.

Fitness App

A fitness app can do even more than an exercise application as it will not only provide a set of exercises but will be able to track healthy habits under the control of health experts like nutritionists, or health coaches. The application can track such factors as weight, sugar and heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, and many others. A user can have meal recipes, a coordinated plan of exercises, and nutrition for each day. Besides, users can have consultations with health professionals through an application.

Consultation App

A professional doctor’s help is necessary to get expert advice on certain pain points. It is convenient to ask questions and get answers directly from your doctor or from a highly specialized physician. The app may also inform users about the latest advancements in a certain medical area. Additionally, a user may be able to book an appointment with any specialist required.

Condition Control App

Some diseases require the ultimate monitoring of the patient’s condition. For instance, people with dysautonomia can control their high blood pressure and even measure it approximately. Any inconsistencies may be instantly reported to the therapist. The app can alert about the time to take pills and report the overall health tendency within a specified period.

Disaster Management App

Disasters happen from time to time. It includes storms, volcanic eruptions in some areas, magnetic storms, hurricanes, or any other incidents. People are never ready for them. A disaster management app can warn about upcoming unfavorable events, advise on the actions to take, and center medical treatment if necessary. This way it can prevent damage and save people’s lives. Lots of useful instructions may be available in the app like how to face a disaster, find stranded people, help the rescue operation, provide first aid, etc.

Online Appointment App

More and more medical institutions implement innovative technologies in patients treatment. Now users can not only book a consultation but actually attend an online appointment virtually. Doctors can examine them in the virtual environment if it is safer for a therapist in cases of infection or if a patient is simply located at a distance. No need to wait in line or go miles away from home to get the necessary examination and treatment.

AI Personal Trainer App

A personal trainer in a gym is what everyone wants but sometimes a hectic lifestyle can not allow a person to attend a certain fitness club. So an AI-based personal trainer app can be a solution. It can provide an adequate health plan with tips about meals, exercises, habits, schedules, etc. Even during the workout, such an artificial intelligence-powered app can control the way a person exercises, the posture, and intensity to make proper corrections and monitor the user’s state. A personalized workout plan can be compiled out of body measurements, defined fitness levels, and specified goals.

Yoga Meditation App

Some people prefer to have yoga classes or use a meditation app to get relaxed and fit. It is even more convenient if you do not have to go to the yoga center. Instead, a person can have the exercises upon some program or contact a yoga instructor right from the app for a consultation or personal training. Yoga apps are in demand now and if you choose it as your startup idea and enrich it with a unique touch, app popularity is guaranteed.

Personal Chef App

Besides healthy meals, people like to have a great and tasty meal when they have a special event or simply wish to enjoy a great evening. This is not about recipes, but the demand for choosing the best chef for yourself. The one that knows your tastes and cooks the best dishes for your liking. A personal chef app will definitely gain appreciation among those who like trying sophisticated meals. On the other side, it is another point of professional development for cooks. They will be able to present their experience, and skills, and gain success among local gourmets.

Mental Health App

The environment is so stressed by many surrounding obstacles. People demand therapy from time to time that will support their mental health and reduce the stress they face at work or at home. A mental health app may help users get stronger mentally and support them in hard times. This is a great startup idea in these tense times.

Run & Earn App

A really innovative startup idea is to create an application for running and earning points. It can motivate users to stay healthy and earn credits that can be spent in exchange for some goods presented in the app. As such an app has a gamification element users will love it and this business idea may turn into good profits for its creators.

Employee Mental Health App

People get too much stress at work. Caring business owners can build a mental health app for employees to assist in handling stress at the workplace. This is crucially important for those professions that require a lot of tension at the workplace, like firefighters, rescuers, consultants, claims negotiators, and many others. The app can track the overall mental health state of the employee and provide training and assessment methods to improve the user’s state.

Health Monitoring App

Professional treatment of a patient requires tracking their state and gathering all the important data in one place. A health monitoring application can collect all the symptoms, and prescribed medicines, and analyze the results of each patient. In case of an emergency, a user can contact the doctor instantly. The app can store and show all the contact info of a patient including personal documents, and relatives’ contact data so the medical facility can save time on search and provide the necessary help immediately. Such apps are in great demand nowadays and are highly valued by both patients and doctors.

Safety App

Women or children sometimes are in danger. The closest people may worry about their safety for numerous reasons. This is a tense world and a lot of things can happen. A special app that can provide friends and family with a GPS tracking opportunity will save their nerves. Besides, if there is a real danger a woman or a kid can simply hit the alarm button and the closest people will instantly receive a notification with the exact location of a person at threat. After the button is clicked, the app can continue tracking the movement of a potential victim and even record video or audio for better safety.

VR Meditation App

Virtual reality presents possibilities to experience meditation in a new way. It can take people to new places with beautiful 360° degree videos with stunning nature and relaxing sounds. Users will get completely focused on practice. A VR meditation app will free up the user’s mind from all the everyday stress they experience, release tension, and create an environment to get to know themselves better. It is a very innovative startup idea that will attract a devoted audience.

Rehabilitation App

After an injury people strive to overcome pain and depression. Only medicines are in charge to release this tension. Though it is already proven that a VR rehabilitation app helps to reduce pain and speed up the rehabilitation process.

Top Home Management App Ideas

Home Management Apps - Visartech Blog

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Lots of routine tasks require our attention each day – from handling shopping to monitoring the state of our home equipment. It takes more time to consider all the sides of a successful house or apartment management. Proper assistants that may ease the routine home management will be appreciated by not only housewives, housekeepers, and stay-at-home moms but also every respectable man who wishes to keep everything under control and in a good state.

Let’s check what business app ideas can be developed to improve the home management system!

Tenant App

Lots of people live on rented premises. A tenant app can connect tenants with landlords. Users will be able to find the apartments for rent and communicate with landlords on the topic: negotiate the price, claim issues with the rented property, and even pay for rent. Additionally, tenants will be able to give reviews about the property and the rent services they had at someplace.

Left Groceries Alert App

It is often convenient to get an instant list of run-out groceries required for purchase. The application responsible for tracking the left items in the refrigerator may alert about it and provide a list of items to buy. To make the process even more convenient the app can also connect a user with a nearby grocery shop and help to order and buy the items online.

Re-Cycle App

The world gets more environmentally conscious so there is a great need in improving the newest initiatives regarding the correct garbage utilization. The re-cycle helper app can scan the trash and define which items should be placed in another trash bin. It will save time for users, make a habit of being eco-friendly, and save our planet after all.

Warranty-Expiry Alerts App

There are lots of electronics that people buy and constantly use at home. Everything has its own warranty expiration date. Conscious property owners take care of such aspects and wish to control the state of their home equipment. Such an application will monitor the dates and alert once some item gets close to its warranty expiration period.

Housekeeper App

Not everyone likes to manage the property and maintain an apartment or a house clean at the expense of their own efforts. Many require help from professional housekeepers. Sometimes it is hard to find the most suitable, so a specific app that will allow filtering the best housekeeper according to defined requirements will be honored greatly by its users. A housekeeper finding app will have a list of nearby professionals with their specific skills and recommendations. Users will be able to see the list of experiences, reviews, and pay rates. The app may additionally allow customers to order services upon request or from time to time and pay the wage for the provided service.

Home Security App

Property security is a major point that everyone takes care of these days. Most people set up a range of security devices so it is necessary to have an application that can monitor their operation in one place. The home security app can process the data gathered from the devices and show video footage from cameras.

Bike Servicing App

If you own a bike servicing business or simply wish to connect maintenance providers with customers you can create a bike servicing app. It will give convenient services including the door-step pick-up and drop, an in-built inventory and order management system, a built-in payment gateway, and user-friendly stock allocation. Such a service combined with an application will save time for customers thus attracting them to the specific bike servicing center.

Pet Monitoring App

Pet owners constantly wonder what their pets do while they are out of home or how pets feel. As not all animals can show their health state so it is hard to define symptoms of a serious problem and provide fast help for the little friends. Innovative technologies can not only watch the pets’ behavior but also predict future scenarios and define the animal’s state. For instance, there are technologies already that help to determine when a pet is in pain that can help to treat a pet in time.

Pets Social Network

People love their pets so much that they create social media profiles and release all the details of their beloved pet’s life. Why not create a specific network where pet owners can communicate with each other, discuss potential problems, and specific pets’ behavior, and schedule a walk together. The pet’s social network may also provide pet owners with specific recommendations on groomer services, pet clothes, food, etc. – all for the benefit of their beloved pets.

Cleaning Services App

Cleaning services get more popular and these days specific firms provide such coverage. Businesses can utilize such an app to hire the best cleaning services in the area upon request or on a regular basis. Cleaners in turn will have dedicated customers, get instant payments from their clients, and will be able to improve their services by having a range of straightforward feedback from their clients.

Smart TV Mobile App

If you’ve decided to create a mobile app for smart TVs, be sure it is a great business idea for 2023. As people demand an application that will allow them to manage their smart TVs with more efficiency.

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Top Transfer App Ideas

Transfer Apps - Visartech Blog

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People love traveling. But it is not always connected with moving to another country. Most often there are certain needs that should be satisfied within the borders of their own city like searching for parking space or monitoring the schedule of the city transport that should get a person to work or a place of interest.

Let’s check how technologies can simplify the life of avid tourists or busy citizens!

Car Sharing App

There are lots of people who move the same routes each day. It is much cheaper to use the same vehicle in order to get to the destination. A real-time car-sharing app can show which driver goes in the same direction, it can connect app users and share the costs of a trip.

Parking Space Finder App

Big cities are often overloaded with cars. Drivers spend too much time and effort finding a place for parking a vehicle. A special application can use GPS, cameras, and parking data to help allocate an available parking spot in a specific location.

Logistics App

A lot of people are in search of available options for the transportation of their goods trying to find the best offer for a reasonable price. At the same time, certain vehicles may drive almost empty. A good transportation app may connect customers with transporters allowing them to negotiate the suitable price, terms, destination, and pay for the provided services.

Vacation Finder App

People have weekends to fill with new trips and emotions. Also, some have a need to get a plan for their best vacation trip without the hassle from their side. A vacation spot finder app can search and filter the available suggestions on the market for a range of requirements. It includes favored scenery, location, preferable dates, activities, available budget, etc. In the end, a user receives a list of the best options matching the criteria.

On-Demand Fuel-Delivery App

It often happens when the fuel ends on the highway. In such cases, an on-demand fuel delivery app will be a real lifesaver. A user will be able to order the delivery of the necessary fuel brand to the exact location defined by the vehicle coordinates. A special fuel truck will deliver the order and provide the corresponding needed services.

Tourists Helper App

Popular attractions in each country are already explored by most tourists. Now they desire to find the places that no one went to and no one knows about except the local residents. This app can connect visitors with the natives who can show them the real gems in the city. Not only places can be uncovered but certain restaurants or tricks in the local shops.

Airport Navigation App

When people go through unfamiliar airports it is often hard to navigate and realize how to go through the check-in/check-out lines, global airport rules, border-crossing policy, and other major things. The app can give step-by-step instructions, maps, and search around the airport showing useful hints.

Special Travel Tour App

There is a growing tendency in the world when people are seeking the unknown, adventures, and gamified tours. They wish to feel as if they are on some mission. A special tour app can uncover the upcoming route right before the actual trip starts with a gradual opening of each further step of the adventure. This application will be one of the most innovative startup ideas you can imagine and will take over a huge amount of adrenaline-hungry tourists.

Local Guide App

Tourists constantly search for the most exciting and understandable information and local guides about the place they visit. A local guide app with the best user experience will win the hearts of the most demanding tourists. If it is multilingual, highlights attractions, partners with local businesses, and provides the most engaging information about the local places and events, the app will be very popular.

Coworking Search App

Busy people and freelancers travel around the world and combine it with work. At a point, they need a coworking space to conduct a meeting or simply work on some projects. The coworking search app may provide an opportunity to screen the available places even before the trip starts and decide which way to go when necessary. The app may show not only the coworking space location but terms, prices, discounts, and events.

Taxi Booking App

Uber-like apps are still in demand as it is a great opportunity to order a cab in any country without the need to know the local language and pay with local cash. All a tourist needs is a taxi booking app where it is possible to order a cab, see the route, choose the car, screen through the reviews, view the final cost, and pay instantly.

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Transport Alert App

Having an accurate schedule of all local transport within one transport app is very useful, especially for the unaware of how the city traffic works. Besides timelines, the app can show the exact location of the bus in real-time, the news, traffic jams, and alerts about possible delays.

Top Skills Mastery App Ideas

Skills Mastery Apps - Visartech Blog

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Self-improvement is among the highest priorities in modern society. People want to constantly acquire new skills and become better in many ways. That includes social, emotional, habitual, and professional expertise. It can be connected with some extra business opportunities or startup innovation. Besides acquiring new skills, people usually devote their spare time to habits or certain interests. Niche-specific applications get the selected audience that can not only use the service for free but purchase specific goods or services to enhance their devotion to the habit.

Let’s look at the most in-demand business app ideas in this sphere!

Language Learning App

People travel increasingly so the demand for acquiring new languages is growing. This sphere will continue booming. So competing with such giants as Duolingo will be rewarded for sure. Especially with complete guides on how to create a Duolingo-like app. Such an educational app can offer different levels of difficulty with numerous grammar checks and pronunciation exercises. Gamification of the learning process can greatly enhance the overall results.

Virtual Study Group App

Now technologies allow students to gather in one common application that can provide a comprehensive list of educational materials necessary for the study. Additionally, convenient video calls and messaging functions can be enabled for group activities. Virtual reality offers to join a virtual room where everyone can feel connected even at a distance and interact with the study material including solving problems on the virtual whiteboard, taking part in physical activities or theater performances, etc.

Business Tips App

First-time entrepreneurs can acquire proven business strategies and solve upcoming issues in this forum-like app. More experienced businessmen can mentor and give professional advice to help others create a successful business. All these interactions can result in close cooperation and further business partnership.

Tutor Searching App

Sometimes it is hard to find a professional that you wish to follow and learn from. Such applications may connect those who strive for new knowledge and the ones who want to share their expertise for an additional income. Experts can provide group learning sessions and individual consultations, or subscription-based access to professional content.

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Skill Learning App

People like to constantly master new skills and improve the already gained ones over time. Everyone has to share something. The more you are skilled in public speaking, dancing, sewing, or any other activity, the more resources you will be able to share within a special skill learning app. Add gamification elements, make an interactive app and your pleased audience will find you. This is a good idea for your business in 2023 when the world goes more remote.

Virtual Classroom App

This business idea of a virtual learning app gains more popularity these days. People wish to get instant access to the best courses from around the world. Distance is not an excuse now and virtual collaboration can be as efficient as an in-person one. Students connect with each other to discuss their common projects. Teachers can explain even the toughest learning material over a special workspace where not only audio/video collaboration is possible, but a real interaction via VR technology that makes education even more immersive and efficient.

Book Review App

There are tons of books and it is absolutely impossible to read all of them. Wasting time on a boring story is also not an option. To help avid readers get through the jungle of text artworks, someone needs to create a book review app. It will allow app users to take a picture of the book and get lists of ratings and reviews instantly. Those who wish to select the best book to buy simply need to navigate at Amazon or any other book store and make their buyer choice quickly. The app may also show the alike books for the exact app user based on their own reviews.

Musician App

People love music at all times. A great part of them took part in some music bands in student times. A part of them continue living with this passion being adults and even earn from it. So apps that help musicians acquire niche-related information, search for jobs, join bands, or participate in certain events tend to be extremely popular among such audiences.

Pregnancy-Helper App

This app will be in demand at all times as not only pregnant women can use those but their supporting circle can get valuable information about the whole process. It may contain advice, facts, descriptions, supporting groups, and everything related to making this period go as smoothly as possible.

Premium Content App

Subscription-based services benefit from recurring revenue and ongoing subscriptions. Premium content apps attract a specific audience and help you share only exclusive information. The app users can pay for access to high-quality information, give extra tips, pay for exclusive consultations, or specialized webinars.

Storyteller App

People like to share and read/listen to stories. A storyteller app can help various storytellers from around the globe connect and create a masterpiece. Users may buy word credits in order to add their own storyline.

3D Tour App

With the ever-increasing remote interaction, any art facility like a museum or art gallery may create a 3D tour app where they can showcase specific artworks upon payment or conduct virtual exhibitions for tourists or educational purposes. A highly-detailed display of historical monuments will evoke interest from around the world and bring a constant flow of visitors.

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Top Entertainment App Ideas

Entertainment Apps - Visartech Blog

Image Source

This world suggests heavy pressure on each person every day due to loads of information and potential activities. Though sometimes people just need to relax and they are ready to pay for leisure time. So if you wish to step up into this sphere you can take some advice on entertainment application ideas. It will not only amuse your users but bring high profits.

Let’s screen the most profitable business ideas in the entertainment industry!

Karaoke App

Everyone likes music and tries their singing skills for pleasure. Some people just take it as a matter of relaxation, the others may seriously practice their voice possibilities. If you will try not only to present a usual edition of a karaoke app but include a gamification element, it will definitely allocate your business among competitors.

eSports Gaming Platform

Competition determines most of the spheres we face each day. If you dare to create a game or some type of esports gaming platform, your profits will exceed any expectations. Gamers tend to be more and more active, they spend fortunes on their character improvement. The competition in this sphere may even exceed the one in regular sports as everyone is able to try out their powers. You should definitely consider creating a platform able to host such gaming events. This is a truly profitable business idea for 2023.

Online Gaming App

There is a trend among all aged people to put some character on themselves and play the role of a hero. Online games kill the time during a trip or while waiting in a queue. There are numerous genres like multi-players, shooters, arcades, cards, or any other. Probably the most popular ones these days are hyper-casual games due to their simplicity and immersiveness. You can create a game as a business or in order to fulfill your dream. Anything is possible in this imaginary world.

VR Game

With the emergence of virtual reality, VR games tend to be more and more popular. It’s not enough already to simply play a game via a console, PC, or mobile device. People want to delve into the immersive world. They want to feel each and every moment while playing the game. Gamers want to be heroes in every sense of the word. So those who can develop a virtual reality game, will open up a new world and become real innovators behind the wheel of a really profitable business. Act while someone awaits behind you!

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VR Concert Platform

Virtual reality makes changes in every industry it touches. Not everyone can go to the other side of the world to see the best concerts in their lives. Virtual reality can make a concert unique and beautiful with amazing virtual effects. So every fan can get to the concert of their favorite performer via a VR concert platform. This trend is growing and eventually, such a service will be more widely spread. Anyone who will decide to create a VR app now eventually will get even more benefits.

VR Party App

Virtual reality helps to have a good time with friends and family even at a distance. Anyone can access a party through a special application. All they need is a VR headset and a VR party application. Each user can feel the full presence and take part in any activity.

VR Attractions Tour App

Being at a distance can no longer be a barrier for those who want to visit the most interesting places in the world. Virtual reality makes even the craziest ideas real. Users can search for the best locations, go on trips with friends worldwide, and have pleasant experiences while looking at historic places.

Top Crazy App Ideas

Some startup ideas may seem crazy or even ridiculous. But if you look through the stories of the most innovative companies who have beaten the competitors and won the hearts of millions of users, you would be amazed by the initial idea behind it. Mostly they all seemed crazy at the beginning. Now it’s hard to imagine the world without such companies as Airbnb, Twitter, or Facebook. Who says your idea can not capture the attention of millions?

Just start brainstorming your best world-changing business idea now! Here are a few possible solutions for the task.

Contact Tracing App

When the COVID affected a huge part of people around the world, everyone started thinking about how to stop the pandemic. A real-time contact tracing app can show the overall statistics, and provide tips on how to act in order to avoid or treat the disease. Such an application can be created not only for this specific virus. Think about the variety of infections we have around us. This is a very useful app idea that may save lives.

Food Donation App

Restaurants, as well as shops or lonely citizens, have lots of food leftovers that they usually utilize or throw out. Instead, they could simply donate food to those in need. Donations can be directed to homeless people or pets depending on the type of excess food. The food donation app can connect such facilities with the ones in need.

Criminal Alert App

Sometimes police disclose information about criminals on TV or on specific boards but people can not remember characteristics or simply miss such important information. A special application can alert a user about a criminal nearby and help to catch a lawbreaker. It can save lives and prevent further crimes in the area.

Rent Backyard Pool App

Not everyone has a pool at home. On the other side, there are lots of people who pay loads of money for servicing a pool in the backyard. Public pools can be crowded and expensive. Private pool owners may get extra cash by giving their pools for rent in case someone wants to throw a pool party or have a private event on some other occasion. This is both beneficial for pool owners and renters.

Giveaway App

There are many things that eventually people no longer need. On the other side, some people may be searching for these exact items. A trusted app development company may help you create a giveaway app that will connect those who wish to donate things and people in need.

Concluding Notes

We’ve compiled this list of business app ideas to help you get inspiration and finally start your own venture or extend your business product line. It can be continued endlessly and will be updated regularly to keep you up-to-date with the most innovative and on-demand solutions. Some of the tech startup ideas have already been implemented, though require improvements, updates, and innovation inclusion. The others have a long way ahead to go live and gather a respectable and appreciating audience.

You can use the exact app idea or combine several ones to create your own. Either way, it is important to define your main objectives and start moving further right away. While you wait, someone is already implementing the first steps towards their profitable business.

Ready to develop a startup idea? Let’s make a plan for your successful app development!




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