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Seven Hyper Casual Games To Build A Bridge To The Video Games Industry

Nowadays to dip into the magical world of video games there is no need to have an expensive PC or specific gaming console. All you need to have is just your smartphone, that you probably already have if you are reading this article. The times when video games culture was only for the closed nerd club are left behind. Due to the statistics, one-third of the world’s population are gamers and the numbers keep on increasing with each passing year!

So what’s the best way to embrace the passion for gaming?

Hyper casual games!

If you wonder what is hyper casual games, here are the main points and at the same time reasons why those can build a bridge to the wonderful world of video games:

  • you can play them with your smartphone;
  • they are easy to start without any tutorials;
  • the game session lasts up to 1 minute;
  • just one mechanic and easy controls;
  • highly addictive.

Let’s get through the hyper-casual games list of 7 masterpieces that no one is able to resist the eagerness to play!

1. Helix Jump

Installs (Google Play): 100,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

A super hit from one of the top mobile video games publishers – Voodoo. Hundreds of millions of downloads speak for themselves. Rotate the axis to let the ball fall. It sounds super simple, but it’s the way it is. The concept is so easy but at the same time very challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and you always want to play one more time. So don’t miss your station!

2. Rise Up

Installs (Google Play): 100,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

Who doesn’t like balloons? Here you need to protect your balloon with your finger from different objects. Push away different obstacles to let the balloon fly as high as possible. This game has something that you don’t often see in mobile video games – almost a meditation experience. The gameplay is pretty intense and challenging, but there is something calming in this process. Minimalistic graphics and pale colors might be an acquired taste, but it perfectly fits the game concept.

3. Jelly Jump

Installs (Google Play): 10,000,000+

Download on: App Store

You are jelly, you can jump. That’s all. But this jelly physics is so satisfying! This jelly moves like a gummy even more than the real one. You will like this game only for its physics. Because of the visual style, it might be hard to see the danger so the player can feel frustration after the loss. But it doesn’t mean you have to avoid this game.

4. Fun Race 3D

Installs (Google Play): 100,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

Did you watch the American Ninja Warrior TV show? You’ve got the idea. You have to get to the finish line before your opponents. There are a lot of obstacles in the race, but the controls are simple – tap to make your character run and release to stop. Playing against the rivals makes the game pretty much competitive but win brings you a lot of emotions every time!

5. Crowd City

Installs (Google Play): 100,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

Again publishing masters from Voodoo threw out a super hit into the market. In this game, you control a crowd that runs all over the city and get other people on your side to gather an even bigger crowd. It sounds complicated, isn’t it? But surprisingly the game process really fits the genre – all you have to do is control the direction of the crowd’s movement. It is a very interesting concept, but the visual is far away from ‘good’. Moreover, the graphics decisions and hyper casual game art are very similar to the ones presented in other games of the publisher. For instance,

6. Grass Cut

Installs (Google Play): 10,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

Finally, someone did lawn mowing interesting! With only a tap you control the saw with the rope on a field full of grass. The cutting process is so pleasant to watch in this game, the grass comes apart very nice. The visual style is okay, but unfortunately, the game has no diversity in this aspect and you can easily get tired of only the same picture during the whole game.

7. Crossy Road

Installs (Google Play): 100,000,000+

Download on: Google Play / App Store

The game was released in 2014 and is still a trend! Even after 5 years, you can often see this game in the charts as one of the most successful mobile games. There is a character that needs to go through the roads full of vehicles, rivers with floating boards, etc. Simple hyper casual game mechanics but it’s gold! Just give it a shot and you find yourself trying to beat your own record you got a few minutes ago.

This is 100 percent hit with such addictive gameplay and amazing visual style.

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To Wrap Up

Of course, there are many more hyper casual games to try out. Just take a look at the top mobile games on the market. You will see that hyper casual is always on the top spots. So you can be sure that there are more hyper casual game ideas to be designed and celebrated games to come – the genre is more than popular among players and it is a match made in heaven for developers.

I am sure you’ve heard about games that have been in development for years and cost millions. Well, the hyper casual game development stands on the opposite side. An experienced team can create a hyper casual game in a few weeks literally with a quite small budget. Just check out the cost-effective offer clearly showing that making a hyper casual game should not be hard, but produced fast and at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, it can accumulate over the top return the way Crossy Road has beaten the 10 million dollars profit just in 3 months. So a hyper casual game is the best trampoline to jump into the world of video games not only for new gamers but also for new businessmen.

Ready to grab your winning ticket? Take a chance now to benefit soon enough!

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