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Case Study: Chainsaw Assembly Simulation. How We’ve Developed a Universal Engine


This is a demo of Husqvarna Chainsaw Assembly simulation for the HTC Vive headset. It was developed specifically for the VR event in Kyiv.

Project Data

Duration: 3 weeks


  • PM
  • Unity Tech Lead
  • Unity Developer
  • QA
  • Tech Artist


A user can assemble a chainsaw from details. The simulation provides hints of how to do that.

The goal was to create a solution that will serve not only to the chainsaw itself but to any other 3D model.

As a result, the core engine of assembly mechanics was made universal. At the event, we’ve demonstrated how to replace the chainsaw model with the burger one and, therefore, assemble burgers.

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  • Get into the details of what main parts chainsaw consists of and use this knowledge for simulation development.
  • Develop a universal assembly engine that can be used with a lot of different 3D models.
  • Design the pipeline of any model setup with the engine.

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The Result

A universal assembly engine applicable for various 3D models.

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