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When, Why, and How to Hire Dedicated Development Team

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Kate Nyzhehorodtseva

Sales Enthusiast with 4+ years of experience. Dedicated to building long-term partnerships. With a profound grasp of clients' objectives, she excels in delivering tailored solutions that create tangible value.

Kate Nyzhehorodtseva

Sales Enthusiast with 4+ years of experience. Dedicated to building long-term partnerships. With a profound grasp of clients' objectives, she excels in delivering tailored solutions that create tangible value.

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Facing high turnover rates, long-time searches for talent, and expensive onboarding or training activities makes companies look for software engineers from the outside. Just look at these numbers: 37% of businesses outsource IT services, according to Clutch.

Businesses that hire dedicated development team get unique expertise, focused attention, and consistent collaboration. This help them to overcome the above-described challenges.

This article will tell you more about dedicated developers, things making them stand out, and ways they help enterprises like yours create custom software solutions.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team and Why Is it Important for Your Business?

A dedicated development team is a partnership model between the hiring company and the hired one. The word “dedicated” means that software masters focus exclusively on developing your digital solution.

The dedicated team structure couldn’t be easier: it consists of professionals with the expertise and skills required for the project. This group of tech specialists can include Software Engineer, Tech Lead Manager, Solution Architect, UI/UX Designer, Business Analyst/Product Manager, Agile Delivery Manager, and QA Engineer.

The dedicated team helps businesses to create software by being adaptable in making changes to the project as needed. The client decides what modifications to include in the development plan and which features tech experts should incorporate into the final solution. That’s why this partnership approach fits long-term collaboration and flexible projects.

Another case of using dedicated experts is expanding your existing tech teams. First, it brings new knowledge and experience that transform development for the better. Second, it accelerates the software solution’s implementation.

It may seem that the above-described model looks like having an in-house team. But the dedicated team supplier takes care of all HR, tax, or social benefits matters, which sets it apart. Below we illustrate more differences between dedicated team model, the in-house team, and other partnership approaches – fixed pierce and time & material.

Partnership Business Models Comparison

FeaturesDedicated TeamIn-House TeamFixed PriceTime & Material
Work ScopeEstimatedUnclearPredefinedNot set
Tech StackNot limitedLimitedPre-plannedSituational
Time FramesEstimatedEstimatedPredefinedIncremental

Cases When Dedicated Team Model Is Your Best Choice

You understand there’s a need for a new software expert to improve the development process, but don’t know whether dedicated development team fits your goals and requirements.

Here are the three signs the dedicated team is the best alternative:

  • You Seek Long-Term Collaboration

It’s simple: a dedicated software team works on your project continuously. So they clearly understand its objectives, specifics, target results, and all the ways to achieve them.

In case businesses change their areas for improvement or preferences, they already have a reliable partner who helps incorporate such updates. Moreover, in critical situations where urgent action is needed, enterprises can rely on these proficient specialists for immediate assistance.

  • Your Project Requires Constant Changes

It’s natural to be uncertain about the expertise required tomorrow if your software solution has shifting requirements. When partnering with a dedicated software development team, there’s no need to stop development and wait for the internal team to acquire the necessary skills.

  • You Want to Upgrade Your Old Software Solution

One thing to keep in mind is that optimization of outdated software requires in-depth analysis. It helps to recognize:

  • What should be updated;
  • How to do it with a particular set of technologies;
  • Which outcomes the company will get after these improvements.

The experienced software development team finds answers to all these questions and takes them into account while doing needed corrections.

Now that you know cases when committed software experts serve the best, let’s dive into the advantages of hiring a dedicated development team.

4 Reasons to Partner With a Dedicated Development Team

Valuable expertise and convenient conditions of partnership make a dedicated team model stand out. In this section, you’ll find other pros of this approach to better understand the role of committed developers in creating tech solutions.

#1. Clear and Transparent Partnership

Recall how you look for software engineers for your project. The HR department finds potential candidates, conducts several interviews, organizes documents for employment, and manages onboarding activities.

When you hire dedicated software developers, you can skip these steps and continue working on the project. On average, hiring a dedicated team takes 1-10 days, and its provider is responsible for all onboarding and offboarding issues. Any type of report is on their side.

#2. Custom Development

As mentioned before, a dedicated team for software development is committed to one project and prioritizes it over other tasks. What does it mean for your business? You can be sure that the development team focuses on creating custom software solutions trying to meet business needs.

With dedicated development team, companies have control over the project’s scope, deadlines, tools used, and shifting priorities if needed. This allows them to adapt the solutions to changes inside the organization or on the market.

#3. Experts on the Board

What exactly does it mean to have experts on the board? Well, for starters, it means that the team members have a deep understanding of the technology stack they are working with. They are not just generalists who know a little bit of everything. Instead, they have specialized knowledge and experience in the specific tools and frameworks that are required for the project.

For example, you plan to develop a virtual twin. Your in-house engineers lack tech skills for building a robust and future-rich digital solution. So partnership with dedicated development team provider allows companies to hire commented professionals with the expertise needed for digital twin development.

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#4. Efficient Budget Allocation

One of the primary benefits of partnering with a dedicated remote development team is that it allows for optimized resource allocation. Rather than spending precious time and costs on acquiring and training new engineers, the company can simply tap into the expertise and skills of an established team. This not only saves money but also enables the company to move forward with its projects more quickly.

Besides, this model is flexible as you can scale the team up or down when needed. It allows businesses to avoid the overhead expenses associated with maintaining a large in-house team, such as salaries, benefits, and office space.

Top Brands Trusting Dedicated Teams for Success

Instead of relying on an in-house IT department, well-known corporations have been involving a dedicated team in their projects for a long time. Want to see how it works in their cases?

We’ve collected five examples of successfully provided dedicated development team services:


The German engineering giant partnered with Accenture to run and maintain several of its data analytics and business intelligence services. The collaboration involved implementing agile methodologies in this domain to foster innovation.

Additionally, Accenture assisted Siemens in developing new analytics services and designing solutions. With the power of robotic process automation, they automate essential activities in data analysis and business operations.


Bet you’ve seen the saying “Assembled in China” on the back of the iPhone. However, Apple outsources not only manufacturing processes. The company also hires experts to audit software and test performance. Outsourcing such services brings specialized expertise, increasing the efficiency of Apple’s IT departments.


More than 10 million people around the world use Slack for daily communication. The app has an attractive design, app integration, video & audio recording, and many more features that make chatting convenient and enjoyable. To achieve this level of design excellence, Slack partnered with an outsourced development team from MetaLab – a renowned design agency known for creating sleek and user-friendly interfaces.


Another successful example of involving software engineers from the outside is Google. The company is actively outsourcing its software development operations to external IT vendors.

Google discovered the advantages of dedicated team model in 2011 when the outsourced Adwords department became Google’s top-selling product across diverse industry sectors. Currently, the tech giant’s dedicated team strategy entails delegating business tasks like IT administration, product development, and maintenance and repairs.


In 2016, Ford engaged IBM to create a platform that helps drivers make decisions about finding parking or transportation in traffic jams. The project is named Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform. To deliver data continuously, the developers used IBM Analytics, which is provided via the IBM Cloud.

Thanks to this partnership, Ford has released a new tech solution, which is also used in other projects to improve the driving experience of its customers.

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What to Consider Before Hiring the Dedicated Development Team

The above examples show how enterprises from different niches hire dedicated development teams and create the best business solutions.

But before you begin your dedicated team partnership journey, look upon these four key factors to consider:

Workflow Matching

To get the software development team on board with the project as quickly as possible, make sure they’re familiar with your company’s approaches and practices. This will streamline onboarding and ensure that the team is productive from the get-go. Check the partner’s website, review the portfolio, or ask for certifications that prove to have specific skills.

Another aspect to consider here is communication. A team that shares the company’s values and culture is more likely to work well together and provide great outcomes.

Reliable Partnership

You involve hired dedicated development in your business operation processes and give access to the data and other sensitive information. To avoid the risk of a data breach, signing the NDA before getting to work is a basic step.

However, data breaches are not always caused by intentional human intervention. Sometimes IT external attacks cause leakage of information from the IT system. In this case, it’s best to entrust the creation of software solutions to a dedicated application development team who uses cybersecurity practices and monitors the level of IT Infrastructure security.

Team Scalability

Team scalability is important for projects that have changing requirements because you don’t know how many professionals you’ll need. Be sure to discuss opportunities to scale the development team to avoid software development delays.

Tracking the Latest Industry Practices

Developing a software solution is not a one-day job. While you are creating the initial concepts of the project, new approaches appear in the software engineering industry. They can save time, improve internal communication or provide ideas on how to improve the final results.

That is why it is important to hire a dedicated development team that follows updates in the industry and always tries to improve their daily engineering practices.

Visartech Dedicated Development Team in Action

Visartech has been developing custom software solutions for more than 13 years. We are gathering experts for multiple projects – from creating 3D-powered user experiences to providing intelligent cloud IT infrastructure.

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Determining the ongoing development of our team members’ skills as a top priority helps us bring real business value to our clients. At Visartech, we have a Center of Excellence that enhances the experts’ technological proficiency to better align it with client projects. This improves our efficiency in delivering software solutions.

Typically, Visartech’s dedicated team structure consists of:

  • Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Engineers who cooperate to develop robust web or mobile applications and digital experiences;
  • UX/UI Designers for creating user-friendly interfaces;
  • DevOps Engineers bridge the gap between development and operations by implementing and maintaining processes, tools, and infrastructure;
  • Product Managers or Business Analysts, depending on the project, examine data and systems to identify areas for improvement and offer valuable insights to support decision-making;
  • Agile Delivery Managers to coordinate projects for ensuring delivery within budget, scope, and timeline;
  • Quality Assurance Engineers who ensure software quality and compliance with established standards through testing and analysis.

Visartech has shown a forward-thinking approach to assembling dedicated software engineers through the successful completion of 173+ projects. Here’s the story of SkyTrak who partnered with us to create a Sports Digital Ecosystem.

We’ve been working with SkyTrak for over 9 years. During this period, project requirements and the client’s perspective have been changing. However, Visartech is swiftly responding by mobilizing highly skilled teams to develop a solution that incorporates all the necessary adjustments and meets our partner’s expectations.

Our main goal is to improve the current platform by coming up with a strategy that covers both front-end and back-end development. Additionally, we’ve incorporated the software solutions into a unified golf ecosystem, providing customers with a user-friendly and centralized platform to enjoy the sport.

To achieve the project’s objectives, Visartech selected an experienced dedicated team for software development that brought a new vision and expertise into the flow. Overall, their tech stack for creating the sports simulation platform includes the following:

  • .Net;
  • Angular;
  • C++;
  • MS SQL;
  • Unity;
  • Microsoft Azure.

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The SkyTrak App has been awarded the “Best in Golf” 4 years in a row. Now, together with our partner, we continue to bring innovative updates and features that delight golf enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

Finding new talents worldwide demands a company’s resources and time. When hire dedicated development team, you get quick onboarding of experts, favorable collaboration terms, and exclusive digital solutions with a reasonable budget allocation.

At Visartech, we strive to surpass the expectations of our clients by providing tailor-made solutions that cater to their distinct needs. Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive consultation on stages and timelines for assembling a dedicated software development team for you, so feel free to contact us.

Looking for a dedicated team equipped with technical expertise to nurture and propel your project forward? Get in touch with us for a free consultation!


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