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Refine Your Business With Technology Consulting

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Business Tech Consulting Core

Transform your digital landscape with innovative strategy, fresh technologies, and intelligent advisory services to build a smarter business.

Tech Consulting Benefits for Business

Get a clear roadmap to ensure every technological choice is strategic.

Operational Efficiency

Automate processes and enhance software performance while maintaining data increase and strong security.

Smooth Integration

Integrate flawlessly with internal and external systems to expand software capabilities and eliminate tech obstacles.

Speedy Adoption

Implement technology innovation faster with a proven track record or working digital solution upon software architecture.

Faster Product Launch

Speed up time-to-market for the planned products and further functionality upgrades as per the market needs and customer expectations.

Superior UX

Attract and retain the customer base with a consistently remarkable user experience that makes them stick to your brand.

Tech Consulting Services

Embark on the digital journey to define the best fitting technology for your most challenging business goals.

Software Audit Services

Screening your software for flaws and strengths to improve its quality and performance leading to resources and cost-efficiency.

Software Re-Engineering Services

Taking good care of your existing software with code refactoring services to ensure excellent performance, superior UX, and smooth scalability.

Virtual Tech Leader Services

Implying the CTO/CIO role to develop and manage specific projects - from process automatization to full digital product launch.

Cloud Consulting Services

Allocating the best out of your IT infrastructure to present the most power from your software integration with the cloud.

Digital Transformation Services

Introducing innovation services into your business strategy with cutting edge technologies to become a leader of tomorrow.

Ecosystem Managed Services

Sustaining top quality standards with software maintenance services to support, upgrade, and foster further product development effortlessly.

Tech Consulting Portfolio

Browse through the impactful digital solutions we have helped to deliver so far.

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SkyTrak Golf Simulation Platform - Visartech Portfolio

Golf Simulation Platform For Sports

Time Drop Multiplayer Puzzle Game - Visartech Portfolio

Multiplayer Puzzle Game

Kellogg’s Interactive AR App - Visartech Portfolio

Interactive AR App For Retail Brands

Explore Our Portfolio

Technology Map

Our technology stack is at your disposal to create meaningful enterprise-wide software solutions.

Web Frontend

HTML/CSS Javascript & jQuery TypeScript Angular React Vue

Web Backend

Django/Python ASP.NET Core NodeJs Java

Mobile App

React Native Objective C/Swift Java/Kotlin

Desktop App


The Main Questions

Learn more about the major terms, workflow, and peculiarities you might have concerning our software development services.

What is technical consulting?

Tech consulting is a service provided by experienced experts in a particular field of engineering or app development to solve custom business problems with innovative technologies.

Why should tech companies use tech consultants?

Technology consultants can speed up the product design, development, and launch on the market. They can help to validate the business idea, define the effective proof of concepts and allow business owners to think more broadly about the options to improve the whole ecosystem workflows – from reducing the development and maintenance costs to streamlining the effectiveness of IT processes.

What do tech consulting firms do?

A tech consulting firm can advise businesses on how to best utilize the technology to reach their goals including the following consulting services:

  • research, brainstorming, and data analysis,
  • business strategy optimization,
  • technology adoption/migration cost evaluation,
  • implementation planning,
  • solution development and delivery,
  • tech specification creation,
  • quality assurance,
  • negotiations with new tech partners,
  • and consulting itself.

Why is IT consulting important?

There are specific benefits of utilizing tech consulting services for businesses:

  • Tech consultants can help to optimize costs on product development, infrastructure maintenance, and IT system operating.
  • Technical consulting firms advise on how to get rid of small mistakes, improve user experience and enlarge conversion rates.
  • Leveraging consulting services gives the business a competitive advantage by implementing technologies that have yet to be adopted by rivals.
  • Tech consulting can streamline the business’s workflows depending on each business’s needs to improve efficiency.
  • Tech specialists can screen the system security state, eliminate potential flaws and implement enhanced security standards.
  • Tech consulting experts can help to make and introduce hard business decisions based on data analysis.

How much does it cost to hire an IT consultant?

The top technology consultancy firms charge a fixed price per project. The average tech consulting cost may vary from $500,000 to $1,250,000.

As for the individual tech consultants and smaller tech consulting firms, their hourly rate depends on a number of factors including geography:

  • US tech consultants charge around $50 – $150 per hour and US consultancy firms ask for $150 – $250 per hour.
  • United Kingdom: individual consultants have a $12 – $102 hourly rate while consultancy firms ask for $102 – $267 per hour.
  • Australian individual consultants wish to receive $25 – $139 per hour and tech consulting companies bill around $150-$200 per hour.
  • Eastern European tech specialists charge $20 – $50 per hour and technology consulting firms have a $40 – $90 hourly rate.

If consulting services get extended by the full-cycle app development, the total product development cost may be influenced by other major aspects like app type, its feature set, technology stack, etc.

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