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Case Study: SkyTrak. How to Improve ​Golf Skills with Simulation Platform

About Client

SkyTrak provides entertaining technology solutions to avid sports enthusiasts for game improvement. The biggest focus is on golf indoor and outdoor training. SkyTrak offers a golf launch monitor and all required software.


There are plenty of golf launch monitors on the market. The main idea was to stand out among competitors by showing great ball trajectory tracking accuracy, fast and smooth experience for provided software. SkyTrak required a strong and reliable software development partner in order to implement the highest possible quality standards.

Project Data

  • Location – USA
  • Industry – Sports
  • Partnership Period – 5+ years
  • Team size – 8 people
  • Services – Dedicated Development Team
  • Expertise – Graphics, Big Data, Cloud Solutions, Cross-Platform development
  • Technologies – Unity3D, .Net CORE, 3d Max, Photoshop

Project Description

SkyTrak requires the software layer to give end-users the ability to use the SkyTrak launch monitor properly. The client has a network of existing partners that use their own software solutions together with the SkyTrak launch monitor. But SkyTrak decides to implement its own solution as well.

The core idea is to give users the best possible experience while training golf skills using the SkyTrak launch monitor.


Visartech started the development process, not from the ground. SkyTrak already had the first version of its software and it was released to end-users on the market.

The main challenges were:

  • Understand the golf game and its rules for the development team;
  • Learn existing software architecture;
  • Clarify current problems;
  • Re-shape the entire solution based on the client’s vision without ruining end-users experience;
  • Gather a vast amount of end-users generated shots data and present it back to users as a set of charts and tables, that can help them in the training process.

Development Process

From the very beginning, Visartech started using Agile methodology. The solid approach supported with specialized software like JIRA and Slack helped to improve release pace and stabilize the delivery process.

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Value Delivered by Visartech

Visartech’s dedicated development team has boosted the client’s engineering capabilities and helped them to deliver value to the end-users faster.

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